Wednesday Creature Feature ~ December 26, 2018


Traveler Caught Smuggling 70 Live Birds in Hair Rollers!

A traveler at JFK was attempting to smuggle several dozens of live birds into the United States via their carry on bag. U.S Customs and Border Protections found 70 live finches in hair rollers. The birds were safely turned over to U.S. Department of Veterinary Services shortly after being discovered. Click here to read more!

Expect More Coyote Activity! 

Winter is an important time for Coyotes.

“Most young coyotes leave their parents to start looking for new homes during winter,” says Megan Dillion, DNR south region urban biologist. “In addition, coyote breeding season starts in January, and coyotes may be more mobile during that time as well.”

Coyotes have been known to even appear in urban areas. They thrive around people because rodents and rabbits are near these areas. Coyotes will eat almost anything so that is why it’s important to keep your garbage secure especially during the colder months. The DNR wants to make sure you know to never corner or chase a coyote. There are many ways to make sure they leave you alone. Also please remember to be kind, they are just trying to find food. Click here to learn more!

Cats vs Christmas Trees! 





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