Wednesday Creature Feature ~ December 20, 2017



Masters of Flight!

Anand Varma used a high-speed, high-resolution camera to capture what the naked eye could not see of these beautiful birds. The videos show in flight and up close pictures of the hummingbirds. In one of the videos you can see the hummingbird drink artificial nectar from a glass vessel. We have never seen anything so mesmerizing. The videos are so high-def and up close that it almost does not seem real at all. You can see the metallic maroon detail of the feathers by the hummingbird’s neck.

Have you ever wanted to see a hummingbird shake water off of its feathers in slow motion? We never thought about it either but after you see the video you will not be the same. Some species of hummingbirds can flap their wings up to 100 times per second….PER SECOND! Hummingbirds are also the only bird that can hover still in air for 30 seconds or more!!

To see GORGEOUS HD videos of these hummingbirds flying and eating in slow motion, click here!


Pit Bulls the New Police K-9!

Police in Stafford, Kansas are hoping that a new K-9 will change people’s perceptions of the breed. The pit bull named Kano, is a 55 pound puppy rescued from a Texas organization and has been trained for law enforcement work. Kano was trained by Universal K9, an organization in Texas that rescues pit bulls and trains them for police work! They have also partnered with Animal Farm Foundation to start a grant program ~ the program will be aimed at training rescue pit bulls to sniff out narcotics or explosives. They want to create a secure equal treatment and opportunity for pit bulls. Kano actually just had his first drug bust on Monday for the Stafford Police. It’s not new news that pits get a bad rap all the way around but in reality these dogs have the ability to be the most loving animals ever.

To learn more about the program and the strict set of rules Kano has at home, click here!

74 Animals Seized!

The British Columbia (Canada) SPCA seized 74 farm animals from a rural property here recently. Among those animals were sheep, piglets, and chickens that were saved from the property.

The animals were said to have been living in terribly conditions with lack of water, adequate shelter, and food. The animals were underweight and living near objects that could have been very dangerous to them. The animals are now getting the help that they need and are waiting for more permanent homes. Click here to read more about these animals!





We hope you all have a very Happy Holiday!


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