Wednesday Creature Feature ~ December 19, 2018



Nearly 200 Pets Adopted in Indiana!


A small town in Indiana is making this holiday season a little happier. They recently had an adoption event all day where cats were just $1 and dogs were $5! They stayed open all day even until midnight to make sure as many animals as possible could find a home. Recently a u-haul with about 40 cats were dropped off at their local animal shelter which left them with very little space. The good news is this adoption event freed up nearly 200 spaces as 157 cats and 41 dogs were adopted that day! The u-haul cats are waiting to be fixed and given their shots before being available for adoption. Click here to watch a video on the story.

Great Dane Ate Own Foot to Survive! 

An animal shelter in South Carolina recently rescued a Great Dane who had been left tied to a pole and without food or water. The owners have since been charged with ill treatment of an animal. The police say the owners could not tell them how long he had been tied to the pole. The dog had appeared to have eaten its own foots to survive. The Great Dane, now named Luke, is appearing to be doing well but his leg is still infected. Click here for the story.

Also if you would like to stay updated their Facebook is here!

Penguins Enjoying a Fresh Snowfall! 

ADORABLE PENGUIN PARADE: Penguins flocked together at the Pittsburgh Zoo to catch some fresh snowfall and had a blast and it’s adorable!






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