Wednesday Creature Feature ~ December 12, 2018


Steer Too Beefy to Become Burger Saved! 

In Australia a steer named Knickers has become a huge hit for his size! The black and white steer is 6 foot 4 inches standing head and shoulders and is believed to weigh 1.4 tons. Australian media have said that Knickers is the tallest steer in the country. Instead of becoming food, Knickers will be living out the rest of his life in a field southwest of Perth! Click here to read more!

190 Sea Turtles Found Frozen to Death Along Cape Cod!

Close to 190 sea turtles have recently been found dead along Cape Cod! In the 1990’s the turtles used to migrate and arrive in the area around October but new migrating patterns have been causing them to arrive later, in colder waters. So far this season the Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuary have found nearly 400 dead sea turtles!

“Sea turtles are moving further north along our coast, or south to the southern hemisphere, as waters are warming and they are expanding their ranges,” said Wallace J. Nichols, a research associate at California Academy of Sciences and sea turtle biologist. “So when we get these quick swings from warm to cooler, the turtles that haven’t made it south definitely get into trouble.”

Click here to read more on their migrating patterns!

Bear Walks into Highway Patrol Office! 

(27 Nov 2018) A bear had no trouble opening a door as it strolled into a California Highway Patrol office in a mountain town.






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