Wednesday Creature Feature ~ August 7, 2019


Photo Captures Bear Watching Sunrise At Mount Washington Resort!

Back at the end of June a bellman at a resort in Washington captured a photo of a bear. This bear was not doing your usual scavenging for food but rather watching the sunset. After taking the picture the bellman politely ushered the bear away and has not seen it since. He said that they tend to get a lot of wildlife near the resort but none like a bear and none to come up on the balcony. Click here to see more.

Eagle Uber!

Earlier this summer a wildlife photographer caught a rare and unusual sight, a blackbird riding on the back of an Eagle! It seems that Uber is not only for humans but for animals too. If the ride fits? Never have we seen a more fun animal photo. The timing, lighting, and everything was just perfect for the photographer to grab the picture! Link for the story here.

Buying 100 Puppuccinos For Homeless Dogs!





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