Wednesday Creature Feature ~ August 12, 2020



Tampa Family finds Gator with Missing Limbs Lying on their Front Porch!

A family in Florida woke up to find an 8 foot alligator lying on their front porch but missing two limbs. Croc Encounters, a facility who deals with this sort of thing came to the rescue and said that it is likely missing limbs from a fight with another alligator. The gator was not too happy to leave his spot on the porch, the family said it smashed everything in site when leaving. Click here to learn more.

Momma Bear and Triplet Cubs Spotted Living their Best Life in Tennessee!

A local family of Oneida, TN lives close to Big South Fork National River have been entertained regularly by a family of bears who come to eat from their apple tree and roll around in the yard. The mother bear is no stranger to the family as this is her third set of cubs they have seen over the past few years.

The human family, of course, watches from afar and doesn’t get too close when the bear family comes to visit.

Bears are amazing and we love seeing them in East Tennessee, but we have to remember to be responsible to protect ourselves and the wildlife.

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Incredible Goat Recovery! 







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