Wednesday Creature Feature ~ August 29, 2018



Sea Turtles Hatching in Key West! 

Red tides have been a real issue with killing marine life up and down Florida’s coast. But a refreshing sight was discovered when new sea turtles were seen hatching! It was unclear how many hatched but at least a couple dozen were seen in the video! Click here to watch.

Bulldog Puppies Rescued from Hot Van! 

In Texas, 28 puppies were found in the back of a hot van with no food or water. It was said to have been 121 degrees in the back of the van. They were traveling from Ukraine to Houston but after the transporter’s plane was stopped in Chicago he continued to rent a moving van to finish the journey. Four of the puppies have since died and the rest are ill and in isolation but will be up for adoption after they recover. Click here to learn more about their journey and how to adopt them.

Bears get a Second Chance at Black Beauty Ranch! 

Sammy and Tibor, two senior black bears used in the entertainment industry, now have a new home at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch to live out the remainder of their lives. Here, they can lounge in the sun, build nests, sleep under the sky, forage, play, and bathe in their own pools. Learn more about these lucky bears:






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