Wednesday Creature Feature ~ August 28, 2019


Hundreds of People Lined up to Adopt Animals!

More than a hundred people lined up to adopt animals in Michigan earlier this month. Workers at the shelter said most of the puppies were adopted within one hour of the opening of the event.

I’ve been looking for a puppy, but wanted to do something and rescue an animal and feel really good about that so I came today to just look and see and then met this little guy,” Veronica Cousino.

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More than 100 Animals Seized from Roadside Zoo in Virginia!

More than 100 animals were seized from a roadside zoo in Virginia. This included water buffalo, tigers, and lions. There were also parrots, capuchin monkeys, goats, and camels discovered after a warrant was given. Currently animal control and animal rescues are caring for the animals pending the court hearing on August 29th.

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Rescued Circus Lions Get a Chance at a New Life!





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