Wednesday Creature Feature ~ August 26, 2020



Scientists Figure out How Snakes Can Fly!

Researchers in Florida have published an article describing how snakes could use their bodies to glide through the air.

The snakes are known as Chrysopelea paradisi, and they live in the trees of South and Southeast Asia. Sometimes, to get to other trees, they will launch themselves into the air and glide down.

Scientists at Virginia Tech strapped some motion cameras to 7 snakes and well you can guess what happens next. Check out the video here.

Human Sized Bats Found In The Philippines!

I already know what you are thinking, Vampires? Possibly.

Nah, well, I mean I am not 100% sure that is is not a vampire, especially with all that is going on in 2020. It is kinda like, “what’s next?!” But spectators have claimed to see human sized bats and some as big as 6 feet tall. After a little research on our end these “bats” are actually flying foxes. Just google it, human sized bats or flying foxes. Still in the bat species but called foxes because of their fox like features. Check out this crazy video of it hanging upside down here. Also check out the informational video below.

Meet the World’s Biggest Bat! 






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