Wednesday Creature Feature ~ August 21, 2019



California’s Only Known Wolf Pack Adds 3 Pups!

Officials are saying that California’s only known wolf pack has added 3 pups to their family. The Fish and Wildlife had set up cameras which caught two or three pups on video in June. The return of the pack is vital for conservation efforts. Even better wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act in CA. Click here to learn more.

Rare Amur Leopard Cubs!

Visitors at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in NY will now get the chance to see two rare cubs. The female and male cubs ventured out to explore their temporary exhibit. The zoo is working on building a new $400,000 exhibit just for them. The cubs were born on June 19th.

Amur leopards are considered critically endangered. They are found in far eastern Russia, where an estimated 84 remain in the wild, up from about 30 in 2012.

About 250 Amur leopards live under human care.

Click here to learn more.

Life After Dog Meat Farm! 





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