Wednesday Creature Feature ~ April 4, 2018

Shelter Ally Project Launched to help Shelters in Need!

This project will assist in providing help to shelters who are in need of transportation and improving their operations. The first shelter to receive help will be in Palm Valley, TX.

The Shelter Ally Project will:

–          Facilitate and help fund the costs associated with transport of animals at the shelter to HSUS Placement Partners that have the resources and space to take them;

–          Provide experts on a case by case basis to work with the shelter staff on handling human wildlife conflicts effectively, keeping pets in homes and out of shelters, improving communication and fundraising efforts; and

–          Pair the shelters in need that want to improve their practices with allies: HSUS Placement Partners that act as mentors.

To read more on the Shelter Ally Project click here! 

66 Dogs Rescued from Ohio! 

200 Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill! 

Very sad but eye opening story about a puppy mill rescue in South Carolina!







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