Wednesday Creature Feature ~ April 22, 2020


Yosemite National Park is Closed to Visitors. Now, Bears are Thriving!

Since all of the parks have been closing along with the rest of the businesses, animals have been thriving. The Coronavirus has made a lot of things different. It has made a world that we are not used to. But for animals, they are loving not having as many humans around.

“There can be literally walls of cars, stop-and-go traffic or people in the park,” she said. “So, for the bears, they normally have pick through these little corridors that they have to move through in the valley to get from Point A to Point B. … Now, that there are no people the bears are literally just walking down the road to get to where they need to go, which is kind of cool to see.”

It is kinda sad that we come to visit these animals homes and they have to hide from us. We for one are glad they are getting a break from us. Click here to learn more.

Blind and Deaf Puppy Relies on Seeing-Eye Puppy Brother!

(pic credit: @ fox5sandiego insta)

A brother and sister puppy duo are melting hearts everywhere. The sister is blind and deaf but her brother is her seeing puppy. These two are part of a litter of 8. Their mom was a stray found wandering streets while she was pregnant.

“Star is deaf and almost completely blind,” she said. “Animals are amazing because they really learn how to make their way in the world. Her sense of smell is 40 times stronger than ours. Star uses her nose quite a bit.”

“Her brother Denver really stuck by her side,” added Gercke. “Even though there were eight of them Denver was really sticking near her, guiding her around. She was depending on him.”

Click here to learn more about this dynamic duo.

Shy Box Turtle Meets Toddlers And Comes Out Of Her Shell!






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