Wednesday Creature Feature ~ April 17, 2019


Dead Whale found with 48 Pounds of Plastic in Stomach! 

A 26 foot sperm whale was found near Sardinia with 48 pounds of plastic in its stomach!

The environmental group (World Wildlife Foundation) said the garbage recovered from the sperm whale’s stomach included a corrugated tube for electrical works, plastic plates, shopping bags, tangled fishing lines and a washing detergent package with its bar code still legible.

It was also found that the whale was carrying a fetus whale that had already died. Experts are saying that the mother was unable to eat because of the large amounts of plastic already in her stomach. WWF says that between 150,000 and 500,000 tons of plastic end up in Europe’s waters each year.

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Study says Cats React to their Name! 

This should seem like no surprise to cat owners but Japanese scientists conducted a new study that just recently suggested that cats can distinguish between words that people say.

Atsuko Saito of Sophia University in Tokyo says there’s no evidence cats actually attach meaning to our words, not even their own names. Instead, they’ve learned that when they hear their names they often get rewards like food or play, or something bad like a trip to the vet. And they hear their names a lot. So the sound of it becomes special, even if they don’t really understand it refers to their identity.

If you have a cat then you probably will disagree with some of that quote because like many other pets, cats are very smart, and the thought that they do not attach meaning just doesn’t seem real. Like many animals there can be a special bond with their owner (s) so we can hope they truly love us, and it’s not all just for food.

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Two Feisty Alligator Snapping Turtles Get Pedicures!





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