Wednesday Creature Feature ~ April 11, 2018


25 Endangered Totoabas!!!

In San Felipe, Mexico the Sea Shepherd vessel came across yet another illegal gillnet. As they were untangling the gillnet they discovered a live totoaba bass. This is the prime time for spawning season so they are migrating across the waters. The bass are often hunted for their swim bladder, much like a rhino horn or shark fin, the bladder can sell for up to $10,000 US in Asia. Even though local poachers only see half of this price they still hunt the fish. This is leaving them near extinction! Click here to read more on Sea Shepherd’s dangerous rescue mission.

Virginia Requiring Non-Animal Testing Methods! 

Gov Northam signs bill HB 1087 into law. This bill is going to make sure that less animals are being used for testing on products. Shockingly, Virginia is only one of four states that have signed this bill. New medical sciences are making it easier to move away from needing animal test subjects.

Many effective alternatives to animal testing now exist, including 3-D printing, construction of artificial human tissue and the generation of sophisticated computer programs that can make accurate predictions about chemical safety. With these sophisticated technologies comes the promise of improved and more predictive information on safety of chemicals and other products.

Click here to read more on this subject.

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