Wednesday Creature Feature ~ April 1, 2020



Rare Rainbow Snake Seen for the First Time in 50 years in Florida Forest!

Tracey Cauthen found a 4 foot long rainbow snake while hiking in Florida. This particular kind of snake has not been seen since 1969!

Biologists say they think the sighting might be because the drawdown of the Rodman Reservoir has this one on the move. These snakes spend most of their time in the water and are great burrowers.

While the snake is nicknamed the “eel moccasin,” it is not venomous like the more commonly encountered water moccasin.

This is definitely not an April Fools joke. This beauty is real! Click here to learn more.

Horse that Survived Kentucky Shooting is now Ready for Adoption!

This horse was one of the few lucky that were rescued from a herd of about 20 that had been shot and killed. This horse has seen so much devastation in its short life. It is lucky to be alive as well as its mother. After some time being looked after the horse is now ready for adoption. As talked about in the post; this horse has a loving spirit, very confident, and athletic. Click here to learn more.

Moving A Huge King Cobra Into His New Exhibit!






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