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Paul Wesley (Tell me a story): “Eddie is not a bad guy but a guy who makes bad choices”. Paul recently went to Paris to promote “Tell Me A Story” – VL Media sat down and interviewed Paul and we translated it into English for the fans. Click the link at the bottom of the post for the original version.

Tell me a story, new series of Kevin Williamson arrives on 13th Street with Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) in one of the main roles.

What is Tell me a story (with Paul Wesley)?

Tell Me a Story, adapted from a Spanish series, is inspired by the most famous fairy tales in the world and revisits them to create a dark psychological thriller.
In today’s New York, the first season interweaves the adventures of The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretel in an epic and
subversive version of a love story where loss, envy, revenge and Murders are at the heart of the plot.

Tell me a story is a very surprising project, which imagines fairy tales without the supernatural aspect. What convinced you to accept to play in the series?

Paul Wesley: I remember seeing a trailer of the original Spanish series, on which it is based, and I thought it looked really interesting and there was a lot of potential.
When I accepted the role, I had not seen the script yet but I knew it would be good because it’s Kevin Williamson. I had worked with him, I know his resume and his work, so I
was very excited. Then Kevin told me about the character, explained to me some things about Eddy. And I thought I had never done this before … Well, yes, but not with so many
possibilities, so it was very exciting.

How would you describe Eddy’s character and how he fits in this modern tale?

Paul Wesley: He’s not a bad guy, but he’s making bad choices. In the story, he is in the plot of the three little pigs and it is actually the youngest pig, the one who built his
house with straw, the lazy. He’s a guy who can be convinced by his older brothers that it’s a good idea to rob a jeweler. They rob a jeweler, they steal diamonds, they put on
pig masks to hide their identity, and the big bad wolf is the person who wants to catch them and get justice.

What elements did Kevin bring to the series, as an author? He is one of the most popular television authors; in your opinion, what did he bring?

P.W .: Well, it’s something like surrealism, it’s a kind of hyper reality. Nothing supernatural happens, but we feel that everything is exacerbated. Kevin has a way of
creating a world that seems wrapped in a nice gift wrap, while there is blood everywhere. You see, it’s like a beautiful shiny and gleaming object, but it’s actually very dark inside.

You told us what Kevin Williamson brought to the series, but what did he bring you as an author, and how did he help you evolve as an actor?

P.W .: Well, first of all, here’s a guy who watched me play Stefan for eight years. That he had enough confidence to say “I know you can play that role” means that I do not
have to ask myself the question. It’s great, because I tell myself that this person has confidence in me, having seen me play for eight years, so it gives me above all confidence in me.
And you know, I had never visualized New York as a character, as he wanted to do; I had never done a show that saw New York as a character. New York, it makes somehow
the woods, in history it is the forest. And I thought it was interesting to imagine it this way. Having grown up and lived there, I realized that there were so many places to hide,
so many dark corners, so many people and so much more … You can mingle with the crowd, you can hide, you can escape into the woods, you can get lost … and it’s an extremely
interesting way to look at New York, in a way that has never really been done before.

One can imagine that the character of Tell me a story is important to you, because it’s a new character, after The vampire diaries.
Was it important for you to make the right choice after this adventure?

P.W .: Yes, a lot. I really felt that whatever I do next, it had to be different first. This role was perfect, and I think I have to continue. For the next role, the same thing:
continue, continue, continue to do things that surprise people, that push them to reconsider what they think of you, to think that perhaps they would see you do such thing
while this was not the case before. You understand ? I think it is extremely important to challenge yourself as an artist and to defeat expectations.

Tell me a story is a cable type series. Does it change something for you, in your work?

P.W .: Confinement. You know, you have the opportunity to slow down, you do not worry about time, you do not have to worry about advertising, you do not have to worry
about language, you can swear and react in a way natural, you are much less constrained. Advertisers are nonexistent, everything depends on the number of subscribers.
It’s not like you have an advertiser telling you that they will not advertise your network if you do such and such, because there is none. Everything rests on the subscribers, and
they are the ones to interest.

Like an FX series, American Horror story, Tell me a story is an anthology. How do you explain the success of this type of program, today on television?

P.W .: I think that the old way of watching a drama is dead, I think that the twenty-two episodes per year is dead, and I think the new format requires constantly reinventing itself.
Our mind, our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. So now we went from twenty-two episodes to ten episodes and then to one season; Black Mirror is only an episode.
You know, I think people react to it positively. Frankly, people have a shorter attention span, because we are always glued to our phones.

You’re a lucky actor, you work with Kevin Williamson but, if I’m not mistaken, one of your first TV roles was with Greg Berlanti in Everwood.
Do you keep a memory of your work with him?

P.W .: I have never really worked directly with Greg. I know Greg, he’s a very nice guy and we stay in touch, we see each other at parties or things like that. But Greg was not really often on the set, I worked mostly with the other actors. I became very good friends with Emily van Camp, she is great; from time to time, I get an alert on my phone and I see Chris Pratt, who is now in all these superhero movies … He was a great character. Well, Tommy was an addict, very much like Eddy, it was a wreck, but I really enjoyed that role. And I would love to watch it again, maintained that I think about it. Yes, Everwood is great. We were shooting in Utah and it was a really fun time. It’s funny, because I always play dark characters. And then I ended up in Vampire Diaries and everyone thought I was the hero. Oh God, do not we care about me? Now I’m stuck, I always play dark characters.

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