TV Guide ~ Exclusive Pictures of Paul Directing Legacies


Stefan Salvatore may not be appearing on Legacies due to him being super dead and all, but the CW show still received a visit from Paul Wesley in its first season!

Wesley directed this week’s episode, titled “The Boy Who Still Had a Lot of Good to Do,” which focuses on M.G.’s (Quincy Fouse) road trip to visit his parents. It goes without saying this is going to end terribly though; just think about how Landon’s (Aria Shahghasemi) road trip to find his mom went…


The show has largely focused on new monsters in its first season, but it sounds like this week is going to have a lot of good vampire elements in it, which is pretty perfect for Wesley. “It was nice to have him, and the writer was laughing because it was an episode that had a lot of vamp feeding, ” Julie Plec told TV Guide, “and she said that Paul was able to express the tricks of the trade to the actors on how to do a proper vamp feed very well after years and years of experience.”

Who better to teach you how to vamp out on someone than Stefan Salvatore himself! There’s also an interesting parallel between M.G. and Stefan; Legacies has been hinting that M.G. might have the potential to become a ripper just like Stefan because of how badly he’s handled feeding from the vein in the past. What are the chances Wesley gave him tips on how best to accidentally rip someone’s head off while feeding?


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