TV Fanatic TMAS 1×05 Review

Jordan is cracking. No, that’s wrong. By the time you read this, he will have already cracked. All “ing” was done while we watched, and by the time “Madness” was over, so was his chance at recovery.what a shame, too. Jordan was fighting himself so hard for clarity on whether or not he should go through with is plan to turn into a violent man that he conjured Beth after his beatdown from Eddie.

And poor Eddie! Eddie is a rarity on television. We don’t often get to see the side of a bad guy who truly regrets his actions. But with each dirty act Eddie makes, he loathes himself more.

Eddie: I don’t want anyone else to die! No one was supposed to die! I can’t take this shit anymore, Mitch.
Mitch: We’re gonna be fine.

That’s what makes The Three Little Pigs saga my favorite of the three. If there wasn’t a genuine push and pull between the antagonists, it wouldn’t be nearly as intense. But knowing how deeply both Jordan and Eddie are affected by their actions against one another makes all the difference.

Mitch didn’t want to believe things were as dire as they seemed until he was experiencing them himself. It took Jordan appearing at his home and an actual bloody (ringing) pig’s head breaking through Eddie’s window to get his attention.

Just how unreliable has Eddie been in the past that Mitch wasn’t willing to give him the benefit of the doubt?

Let’s assume the jewelry heist was Eddie’s first major crime. It could have driven him to paranoia. But they did kill someone, and Eddie was already taken in by the police so that paranoia was warranted either way.

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