TV Fanatic Review 1×06

You know I had a soft spot in my heart for Eddie. He and Mitch sort of remind me of my cousins. Their hearts are in the right place, but their actions tell a much different story.

Eddie, Hannah, and Gabe all come from the same general sense of being. They want things to be much easier than they are in this world. Eddie said it very well as he and Carla were resting in their afterglow.

Fuck dreaming. You do one wrong thing, it leads to another wrong thing. Next thing you know you’re stuck in a bunch of wrongs you’re looking for an easy way out. Except nothin’s easy. It should be. Maybe it is for some people. Not for me. I just wish one thing could be easy. ~ Eddie


The thing is, it usually only looks like other people have it easy and we have it hard. People go to great lengths to hide how difficult life is from others. All those facebook posts and Instagram photos are a bunch of malarky. There are pain and misery everywhere.

The difference is in how people deal with the difficulties that come their way.

Some have the determination to eradicate anything that stands in their way and make the best out of any situation. Others can paint a pretty picture of their misery. Some people die falling off a ledge trying for that perfect Instagram photo, so you think they have a perfect life.

Eddie was so off his game he didn’t remember hiding his gun in his dresser.

Was it only timing that made Carla approach the trailer door and handle it the way she did at the exact moment Jordan told Eddie he wouldn’t be responsible for what he did next? That was an amazing coincidence.

But Jordan didn’t have any impact on when Carla was going to return. Why she chose to rattle the door the way she did is anybody’s guess, especially given that she knew how skittish Eddie was before she left.

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