Throwback Thursday ~ TVD Stefan in WWII

With Veterans’ Day upon us, I thought we would have a #TVD flashback to December 6, 2012. This episode of Vampire Diaries is from Season 4 episode 8 –  “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”.  In this episode, Stefan & Damon revisit New Orleans searching for someone who had answers to the sire bond and who was around in 1942. A flashback occurs during WWII, showing Stefan and Lexie finding Damon in a bar in New Orleans. Stefan wants to make amends with Damon because he hadn’t seen him since 1912 when he became the Ripper.  Stefan is set to deploy to Egypt, and he wants to get things right between him and Damon before he leaves. Be sure to check Paul out in this episode and don’t forget to honor our Veterans on Monday!
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