Throwback Thursday ~ Stefan Moments

Throwback Thursday ~ Some of our favorite Stefan Moments & Things We Love About Him.
This week, we are going to have a few TVD flashbacks of our favorite vampire and some his most memorable moments.

He was the only one who could tell the difference between Elena & Katherine.

He always had a fun time with Lexi and was more himself when he was with her. That’s what happens when your BFFs for over 100 years!

He could resist compulsion from Klaus – because of his love for Elena. Or at least he almost did…

In Season 3, Stefan gives Elena one last kiss just in case he doesn’t make it back.

After thinking Damon was gone forever to the other side, Stefan was devastated. But finally, Bonnie finds a way to send Damon back and Stefan sees him for the first time. #Hugs

Let’s not forget the moment Stefan & Caroline said “I do” and promised to love each forever.

And finally, Stefan sacrifices himself to save the town of Mystic Falls and everyone he loves. He ends the final episode as the hero he has always been.

Doesn’t this make you want to have a TVD rewatch?? #ForeverMysticFalls
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