Throwback Thursday ~ Paul In The “Sensitive Skin” Play

This week’s Throwback Thursday goes back to 2006 when Paul was in a play “Sensitive Skin” at the Elephant Theatre in Hollywood. Backstage said this about Paul’s performance “The best work in the strong ensemble comes from Wesley. There are no heroes in this story of human frailties, but Wesley’s resourceful exploration of the complexities of this lost soul yields the production’s most moving moments.”

Set in New York, 1999–2005, the play examines the obsessively competitive relationship between industrious medical intern Nick (Warren Kole) and his constantly floundering brother, Todd (Paul Wesley). Nick takes perverse glee in pointing out the failures of his ne’er-do-well sibling, a druggie who drifts from one ill-advised get-rich-quick scheme to the next. The siblings meet and fall for the sexy waif Eden (Kate Ascott-Evans), a stripper on the verge of achieving success with her photographs of nude body parts. Odd woman out is Eden’s spunky best friend, Julia (Marguerite Moreau), also a stripper, who caters to Eden’s wishes and needs, longing for a bond beyond the platonic. The triangular relationship among the siblings and Eden sets in motion a series of power struggles and reversals, with Julia as the wildcard.



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