Throwback Thursday ~ Paul in “Shark”

This week’s #TBT takes place in 2008 when Paul starred in the crime drama “Shark”.  Shark is a mystery crime drama about a hot shot lawyer, Sebastian Shark, who gives up his lucrative career and decides to work for the public prosecution under the District Attorney. The episode, Shaun of the Dead, is about a member of a rock band that is murdered. All of the band members are devastated, especially Justin Bishop, whom Paul portrays. As investigators dig deeper, they find that photos of Justin were leaked to a gossip magazine- very private photos. Only people who were close to him would’ve had access to these photos. But the band has been together since they were kids and aren’t very helpful in answering questions from Sebastian and his team.  Find out who did it by watching Shark, Season 2 episode 11, Shaun of the Dead.  You might want to check out Paul’s singing skills too 😉
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Not sure if this is really Paul singing but here is the video from the show.

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