The New Yorker Review of Zürich

Zürich is receiving such good reviews. It is really exciting seeing Paul on this journey with his career! Only one more week to see this play – click here for ticket information.


A Swiss hotel room is the set of Amelia Roper’s ingeniously engineered play. Or, rather, hotel rooms: each scene takes place in a different, albeit identical-looking, home away from home. It quickly emerges that these scenes, which feel like self-contained playlets, are happening at the same time. (Sound cues turn into sound clues.) It’s an ambitious concept, and this Colt Coeur production, directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt, does it justice, with the audience separated from the stage by a glass partition representing the room’s windows. Taken individually, the parts tend to meander needlessly, having apparently opted for the late-checkout option, and the payoff is far-fetched. Still, the whole clicks into place, helped by the excellent ensemble cast; Paul Wesley and Juliana Canfield are especially good in the very funny first scene, as a couple the morning after a one-night tryst.


Video below is from Paul’s IG Story he posted about the review.

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