Throwback Thursday ~ Paul in “Army Wives”

February 16, 2017

Paul was an Army soldier Logan Atwater in “Army Wives” for five episodes from 2008-2009. Logan and Emmalin became pen pals when Logan was deployed. When he comes back to the base he seeks out Emmalin to meet her and a romance began until her father receives orders to move and the romance ended but not without drama.    


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul In “American Dreams”

February 9, 2017

Paul was in the television series “American Dreams” off and on from 2002 – 2005 for 11 episodes. He was credited under his birth name Paul Wasilewski.  The character he played was Tommy DeFelice who was friends with JJ and played football. “I did a show that took place in the 1960s called “American Dreams, and I really enjoyed that. People were so confused at the time. They didn’t know what to…


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul In “Fallen”

February 2, 2017

Paul played Aaron Corbin in the 2007 ABC Family mini series “Fallen”. Below are some bts pictures and video of Paul doing his own stunts on the wires. Paul actually trained and did his own wire stunts for the movie. Here are some pictures of Paul on the wires in front of the green screen.    There is also a video that shows Paul doing some stunt work.  


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul in The OC

January 19, 2017

Paul appeared in “The OC” (2003) during it’s first season for episode 5 “The Outsiders” as Donnie, a co-worker of Ryan’s at the Crab Shack. While Paul was only on one episode he has remained good friends with star Ben McKenzie (Ryan).