Paulisms ~ July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015

Paulisms ~ July 20, 2015   “I wanted him to have an agenda. I wanted him to have a soul. I wanted the audience to empathize with him, even though he was flawed.” Which is precisely why Wesley thought having a pregnant wife made him less villainous. “I said, ‘Why is Charlie doing all this? What if his wife’s pregnant? He has a baby. There’s more stakes. He needs to…


Paul Upcoming Appearance on The Talk

January 27, 2015

Paul taped his episode for CBS The Talk today that will air tomorrow. He will discussing Amira & Sam which is released in limited theaters on Friday. Preorder the movie on iTunes or VOD for January 30th release. #PaulWesley #AmiraSam #CBSTheTalk Photo Credit Drafthouse Photo Credit Fon_PR Photo Credit Fons_PR