Throwback Thursday ~ Paul In “Smallville”

November 30, 2017

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday features Paul on the CW’s Smallville series. Paul played the character of Lucas Luthor, the half brother of Lex Luthor and the illegitimate son of Lionel Luthor. The episode was called Prodigal and is from season 2 episode 15. The Smallville series ran from 2001-2011. Be sure to check Paul out in Smallville!  


Paulisms ~ October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015

Paulisms ~ October 20, 2015 “I really enjoy it (Vancouver, Canada). I miss it. I did my first pilot there. I did Wolf Lake, Smallville and Fallen there. I want to go back, right now, because it’s just a different climate and the air is really crisp and fresh. I really like the people. I love it there. In the winter, it can be a little rainy. We were shooting in October, November and December, and…


Paulisms – August 8, 2015

August 8, 2015

Paulisms ~ August 8, 2015 “SMALLVILLE and THE O.C. were quick gigs, although it’s funny because with SMALLVILLE, I signed on to do a bunch of episodes, but I actually only did one and have gotten more exposure from that one episode than any other. It’s crazy. I’m going to London next week for a SMALLVILLE convention that they’re flying me out for.” – Paul Wesley. #paulwesley #paulisms #smallville #oc…