Wednesday Creature Feature ~ November 8, 2017

November 8, 2017

November 8, 2017 This week’s edition of Wednesday Creature Feature has a couple of stories from the Humane Society and a Sea Shepherd update along with a very cute video of animals dressed up for Halloween. Credit for stories ~ corresponds with links. Editor – Chelsea Dugger  


Hannah The Pygmy Hippo Was Rescued From A Backyard

July 22, 2017

It’s hard to predict what will catch Hannah the pygmy hippo’s fancy. “She gets offered new items, like a traffic cone, a barrel, hay bales and natural items like bamboo and palm fronds to enrich her environment,” says Ali Crumpacker, director of the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. That’s the Humane Society’s California sanctuary, where this rare girl has lived in a 13,000 square foot paddock after being rescued from…


New York City Bans Use Of Wild Animals In Circuses

June 23, 2017

Following the lead of Los Angeles – which took the same action two months ago – the New York City Council, the lawmaking body for the City of New York’s eight million residents, voted today to ban wild animal acts in circuses (after a one-year phase-in). The New York City Council embraced the policy in a commanding vote of 43 to 6, and Mayor Bill de Blasio, a staunch animal…


Breaking News ~ HSUS Intervenes To Stop Puppy Mill

June 18, 2017

Yesterday, The HSUS assisted the Wolfeboro Police Department with a puppy mill intervention not on a farm in Arkansas or a shack in North Carolina (two states where we’ve done major actions to help dogs), but rather in a mansion in northern New England. It is one of the most unexpected puppy mill operations our Animal Rescue Team has helped uncover – with 84 Great Danes caged inside a cavernous…