Stefan Moments ~ “Under Control”

Under Control – Season 1, Episode 18 aired 4/15/2010

The show opens with Stefan working out and Damon giving him a hard time about not drinking human blood.

The episode opens on Stefan doing pull-ups in his bedroom.  Damon comes in with a glass of blood and makes a snarky comment about his loud music. Damon asks Stefan when he’s going back to school, and Stefan, who is now on the floor doing push-ups, tells him he will soon. Damon, exasperated, tells him that his “self-detox” is not natural and pushes him to go back to human blood. Stefan asks him to get his glass of blood away from him and continues his work-out. Damon asks him how long it took him to wean off of it the last time he drank human blood, and Stefan just ignores him. “That’s not good,” Damon snarks. “I’ll be fine; it just takes a little bit of time”, Stefan retorts. Damon reminds him that he doesn’t have to kill to survive, and tells him that he hasn’t hunted a human in way too long. “That’s what blood banks are for.” Stefan snarks that he’s impressed, and Damon tells him that he’s being self-serving, and that he’s working hard to get the town off of the vampire’s trail, which has become difficult since the tomb vampires are running around. When Stefan asks him what he’s planning on doing about them, Damon says they can’t do much of anything if Stefan doesn’t have his strength, and reminds him again that “there’s nothing wrong with partaking in a healthy diet of human blood from a blood bank. You’re not actually killing anyone.”

Stefan repeats that he has his reasons, and Damon again asks him what his reasons are. Stefan turns the question around on him, and asks him if he enjoys watching him struggle. Damon admits that he is, very much so. Stefan states that he has everything under complete control, and Damon humors him, telling him to continue making all the other vampires look bad. He gets up to leave the room, and leaves his glass of blood on the table just long enough that Stefan begins to consider drinking it, when Damon returns for the glass, and takes a deep swig in front of him before swanning off again.


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