Stefan Moments ~ The Turning Point

The Turning Point (Episode 10) from Season 1 that aired November 19, 2009 was a real turning point for Stefan and Elena. Stefan decides it is better not to be with Elena and he wants to leave town but he and Damon discovers a new vampire and they rescue Caroline from Logan (the vampire). Stefan goes to let Elena know that Caroline is ok and she drives him home.  Elena explains why she wants to be with Stefan and stands up to him – they make up. As they kiss – he turns away from Elena to hide his face (he is vamping) and she turns him around and loves him. They end making love for the first time and afterwards they talk about his bedroom. He tells Elena his bedroom is the one place that everything has remained constant and holds every memory that is important to him. Stefan leaves the room and Elena finds the picture of Katherine who looks like her. She leaves without saying goodbye to Stefan.

Photo Credit – Mary Otto

The scene where Stefan turns away from Elena is one of Paul’s favorite scenes. “The Turning Point. It was a really beautiful episode for Stefan and Elena.  The moment where he turns around because he’s ashamed of his face — the blood is rushing through his eyes, his veins are popping out — he’s terrified, and he hates himself for it. He runs from that part of himself, but she turns him around and tells him not to be afraid. She touches his face, and she thinks he’s beautiful. It’s so intimate, that moment, because she accepts the darkest part of him.” ~ Paul Wesley.

Mary Otto took the pictures of Stefan’s room. Click here to read her fan account of visiting the set.

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