Stefan Moments ~ “The Return”

Season 2 – Episode 1 – “The Return”.  The show picks up where Season 1 finale ended with Katherine Pierce coming back to Mystic Falls and impersonates Elena and cuts off John Gilberts fingers. Elena finds John and calls Stefan who arrives and watches over Jeremy while Elena goes to the hospital to check on Caroline since she was in the wreck with Tyler and Matt. Katherine came back to the Gilbert House and pretended to be Elena and kissed Stefan (as she did with Damon in episode 1×22). Both brothers realize it is Katherine now and not Elena. Later at Mayor Lockwood’s wake Katherine again shows up and she and Stefan have a conversation where he tells  her he never loved her and she admits she came back for him and he rejected her and she stabbed him with a long candle stick that was in the ground. Elena finds him and helps clean up  the blood mess (Sweet Stelena moment).


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