Stefan Moments ~ Miss Mystic Falls

Miss Mystic Falls (Season 1 – Episode 19) aired April 22, 2010.

Stefan is still drinking human blood from the hospital blood bank bags but lying about it. Damon catches him drinking human blood and is concern because it has been a long time since Stefan has drank human blood. Stefan insists that he has it under control.

Damon shows up at the Miss Mystic Falls ball and voices his concern about Stefan to Elena. Stefan defends himself to Elena but is upset and leaves and ends up kidnapping one of the contestants. He wants to feed so bad but is trying to talk himself out of it. He compells the girl not to be scared and she is willing to let him feed. He bites her and feeds and Damon and Elena show up and rescue the girl. Damon can’t control him but Bonnie is able to give Stefan a headache to stop him.

The episode ends with Elena going to Stefan’s bedroom. Stefan tells her that she should not be there and that earlier she saw who he really is; a monster. Elena keeps telling him that he is not that person and they fight. In a moment of no control, he pushes her against the wall and Elena looks scared. Stefan apologizes, they embrace and he starts crying. Elena promises him that she will help him and everything will be fine while she injects him with vervain. Stefan collapses and Elena, along with Damon, lock Stefan in the basement to detox. They both sit outside of the cell.


Bonus – below is a picture of the corsage that Stefan wore and his button from his shirt from the episode. This is currently at the Hollywood of the South ~ Film and Television Museum in Covington, Ga.

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