Stefan Moments ~ “Let The Right One In”

Let The Right One In – Season 1, Episode 17 aired 4/8/2010


Stefan goes hunting on his own and Frederick and some bad vampires find him, hurt him and kidnap him. Damon gets concern when Stefan doesn’t answer his phone and figured out where Stefan is. Damon, Alaric and Elena make a plan to help Stefan and rescue him. They want Elena to stay in the car but she ends up leaving and finding Stefan. She is able to get him out of the house and they get to Damon’s car but can’t find the key. Frederick shows up and pulls Stefan out and proceeds to kill him. Elena rushes and stabs Frederick in the back but Stefan is too weak to do anything. Elena convinces Stefan to drink from her wrist to regain his strength. He does and ends up killing Frederick. Everyone thinks all is well until Damon goes home and walks in to Stefan on the floor devouring the blood bags they have stored in the house.





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