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This week’s Stefan Moments is Episode 14 “Fool Me Once” that aired February 10, 2010  ends with a tear jerker with Grams dying but starts off with Stefan looking all over Mystic Falls for Elena. She is missing and he asks Damon to help find her. It turns out Elena was kidnapped by Anna who calls Stefan to bring  her the Gimoire that  Damon has that will free her mother from the tomb. Stefan promises to get it and they arrange to meet in public to get it. Stefan finds Elena and frees her and Bonnie (who was also kidnapped) and warns Anna’s helper Ben to leave town. Anna realizes Damon will open that tomb and she will be there when he gets there.

Bonnie, Elena and Stefan are at Sheila’s house talking and Elena thinks they do not have choice but to help Damon get Katherine back. Sheila agrees to open the tomb as long as the rest of the vampires are burned. Elena has to earn Damon’s trust back and leaves to go and find him and talk to him. She finds him at the Salvatore house and she convinces him to trust her again. Stefan, Bonnie and Sheila wait for Damon and Elena at the church ruins. Stefan brought along arsonist tools. Damon, who brought and IV bag of blood for Katherine, and Elena arrive and Sheila and Bonnie start the process to break the spell and open the tomb. Stefan runs outside to get his arsonist tools.

Stefan runs into Ben while he is getting his tools. Anna also appears and tells him that she will take her mother out and gives Stefan a choice. He can try to stop her or save Jeremy from Ben. Stefan leaves Anna go and stays alone with Ben who tries to attack him believing he is stronger. Stefan uses the arsonist tool and burns him.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Sheila keep chanting the spell and the tomb’s door cracks open. Damon, to be sure that Sheila won’t seal him into the tomb, grabs Elena and takes her with him in. Inside the tomb, Elena hears whispering and asks what is happening. Damon informs her that they can sense her but he runs off to find Katherine leaving Elena alone. Elena searches for him while she stumbles over the desiccated bodies of the vampires and freaks out.

Anna arrives at the tomb finding the door open. Bonnie wants to stop her but Sheila does not let her, so Anna gets into the tomb. Bonnie wants to know why her Grams let her in and Sheila says that no vampire will come out of the tomb. They managed to open the door but not break the seal spell so whoever vampire gets in, is not coming out. Stefan comes back and wants to run into the tomb when he hears Damon took Elena with him but Sheila stops him, explaining him as well why.

Inside the tomb, Anna finds Elena and explains her how Stefan and Jonathan Gilbert are responsible for her mother’s imprisonment and that’s why she decided that it would be Gilbert family’s blood that will bring her mother back to life. She bites Elena who starts screaming making Stefan run into the tomb to find her. Anna feeds Elena’s blood to Pearl but Stefan gets there in time before Pearl kills her. Elena runs away to get out of the tomb.

Bonnie wants to help Stefan get out and she begs Sheila to lift the seal just for a while so Stefan can come out. Elena gets out and Bonnie tells her about the seal. Stefan gets to the door but cannot step outside and Elena realizes that he got in only to save her even though he knew. She also remembers the promise they gave Damon and Stefan goes back inside to find his brother. Bonnie and Sheila do a spell to lift the seal and Anna comes out with her mother.

Damon is still in the tomb but he cannot find Katherine anywhere. Stefan comes to him and realizes that Katherine is not in the tomb, never was. Damon is frustrated and throws the IV bag of blood against the wall breaking it. Stefan urges him to hurry so they can get out before the seal closes again. Elena runs in to beg them to leave. The three of them get out just in time before the door closes again.

Bonnie and Sheila go back home while Sheila looks exhausted over the energy she spent for the spell and goes to lie down. Elena and Stefan rush to find Jeremy who is waking up and he is fine. Damon is shocked for not finding Katherine and Elena hugs him telling him she is sorry. Elena takes Jeremy home who says he cannot remember anything but when Elena leaves to go to Bonnie, Jeremy starts searching on the Internet about vampires.

Anna brings her mother at her motel room where they find Damon waiting for them. Damon grabs Pearl threatening to kill her and accuses Anna of knowing the whole time that Katherine was not in the tomb. Anna admits that she did know but she did not tell him because then he would never help her open the tomb. Pearl explains to him how Katherine got away and Anna tells him that she saw Katherine few years ago. Katherine knew where Damon was but she did not care to find him. Damon is heart broken over the information and leaves.

Bonnie goes to check on her Grams but she finds her dead. She starts yelling for help while she desperately goes through the spell book to find a spell that will bring her back and Elena calls 911.

Back at the tomb, a vampire manages to get to the blood bag Damon threw against the wall and he feeds on its contents. He gets up, slowly gets to the door sliding it open and exits the tomb revealing that the seal spell did not work.

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