Stefan Moments ~ 162 Candles

Episode 8 of Season 1 is “162 Candles” that aired November 5, 2009 is this weeks “Stefan Moments”.  TVD introduces the fans to the beloved Lexi, Stefan’s best friend and mentor who shows up in Mystic Falls to celebrate Stefan’s birthday. The viewers can see how close Stefan and Lexi are and they end up at the Mystic Grill where Lexi gives Elena sound advice about Stefan to help her accept who he is.Unfortunately, the ending was tragic as Damon killed Lexi to prove himself to the Founders. Stefan and Elena watched everything played out and Elena was able to see for herself how evil Damon was (at the time).

Below are pictures of the Mystic Grill they built for the set in the studios, they did most of the exterior scenes of the Mystic Grill in Covington, GA. There is actually a real Mystic Grill Restaurant that is open to the public in Covington, GA. The bar was built to be the same as what is on set but the layout of the building is different so inside is different. There are no pool tables inside the real restaurant in Covington but it is a really cool place to eat and you check out the signed menu’s from the cast upstairs.





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