PWC is Growing ~ Welcome New Team Members

Exciting times are ahead for Paul Wesley Chronicles. We are growing and assembled a great team to cover Paul on his career and his passion for animals, politics and views to make the world a better place.

The past 6 months have been incredibility busy for me with my regular job (GeoMotion TV), TVD Wardrobe Auctions, helping Jessica at Vampire Stalker Store and setting up and working at “Hollywood of the South ~ Television and Film Museum” in Covington.

With that being said…. I felt it was time to get some help to cover Paul.

I would like to officially welcome Chelsea (Social Media & Wednesday Creature Feature), Natalie (Website & Graphics), Patience (Social Media & Throwback Thursday), Michelle (Facebook), Annie (Events & Merchandise) and Camelia (Fan Friday) to the PWC family.

Thank you girls for all your help!! ~ Cindy


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