Paul’s Netflix Project “Medal of Honor” Update

The upcoming Netflix Mini-Series Paul filmed last summer is set to release in 2019 and we now know his character’s name is “Clinton Romesha” and is based on a real American Hero that saved lives while he was in the Army stationed in Afghanistan. The series Medal of Honor is an 8-episode mini-series that will focus each week with a story of a specific “Medal of Honor” recipient.  Paul’s episode is titled “Romesha” and is set to be the last one in the series. We don’t  have an air date other than it will be in 2019 but click here to read what SSG Romesha did in Afghanistan to achieve the Army’s “Medal for Honor”.  SSG Clinton also wrote a book about what happened called “Red Platoon” you order it online at Amazon.

We will post more as it is released!

As a side note – as a daughter of a retired Army CSM & one of my son’s is currently active duty in the Army – I am so proud of Paul taking this role and I can’t wait to see this story come to life on Netflix! ~ Cindy

Check out this really cool video of SSG Romesha being presented the “Medal of Honor” by President Obama.



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