Paul Talks About Creating A Series In Poland

We translated an interview Paul did in Warsaw about working in Poland in the film industry. Original interview in the link below.

Paul Wesley is an actor primarily known from the series The Vampire Diaries and recently with Tell Me a Story. His fans know that he has Polish roots and speaks Polish very well. That’s why I was curious if it would be something that he would consider if he got a proposition to play in a Polish movie or series. His response should positively surprise the fans.

It turns out that … he is working on the creation of the series in Poland. I would like to give you all of his statement, which although still general, presents his plans:

 Actually, I’m currently working on a Polish series. I meet interesting Polish directors, companies, I also work with a Polish agent, but I do not want to reveal who I’m talking to. I would like to create a Polish-language series. As you know, I speak Polish fluently, so I want to play a character in a Polish series or film. Over the years I’ve gained a lot of respect for the Polish cinema. Many of my favorite directors come from Poland. I would like to enter this market for myself and draw the attention of the world to such a project. I think that Polish cinema is perceived as more artistic. We have great filmmakers like Paweł Pawlikowski, who won the Oscar, but I would like it to be more mainstream and global. That’s why I want to act as a contact between the United States and Poland. 

I also asked him about The Vampire Diaries and the legacy of this series. Can it still be of interest to viewers and attract new audiences after years?

– Yes, thanks to Netflix among others, people are still discovering this series. New fans appear every day. In the Vampire’s Memoirs there is a lot of still existing symbolism associated with high school, being an outsider, forbidden love. These important things that have existed for years and make the genre of vampire stories so popular.


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