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TMAS 1×03 Review

t’s almost worse watching other people making poor decisions than it is to make them yourself. When you’re doing something stupid, being in the thick of it is all-encompassing. You lose sight of everything else and focus on what’s right in front of you, forgetting your stupidity. The volume of poor choices is rising as of Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 3, but there are still a few times…


Throwback Thursday ~ Paul & Nina

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday comes from Paul’s Instagram account from 2017. He posted this pic of him & Nina – when they were in London in 2010. We all love Paul & Nina’s friendship, so it’s nice when we see them together or sharing memories. Plus supporting each other after TVD.  #PaulWesley #TBT #London #Paulvedere #NinaDobrev #Stefan #Elena #ThrowbackThursday