Kevin Pollak & Brittany Snow Discuss Paul

Kevin Pollack sat down with Brittany Snow for a funny and entertaining interview for his “Kevin Pollack Chat Show” that was filmed back in September. Kevin mentions how Paul was already in talks for the film when Brittany audition for “Late Bloomer”  and he also brings up Paul and Brittany’s connection. Brittany speaks about the “Guiding Light” audition process for the casting of her boyfriend and said “He (Paul) owes me because I remember I gave better of a chemistry read with him than anyone else because I thought he was cute.” She goes on to talk a bit about their friendship. (Discussion about Paul starts at 29:00)

Kevin and Brittany discuss the filming “Late Bloomer” in LA & why they ended up filming in Sofia Bulgaria for at 41:45 mark. If you can watch the entire video – it is insightful on Brittany and her career.

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