Julie & Kevin’s Take On TVD Ending

Stefan’s sacrifice

Stefan wasn’t always going to die. “There were two pitches on the table: one that gave perfect closure to the season and then another that gave closure to the whole series,” Plec says, admitting that they had “just as many discussions over killing Damon as we did over killing Stefan, and let me tell you, for a very long time the pendulum swung the other way.”

Although the writers contemplated Damon being the one to achieve his redemption by saving the day, ultimately, it made more sense for Stefan to step up. “He killed Enzo; there’s no coming back from that,” Williamson says. “As a Ripper, how many people did he kill? He turned his brother into a vampire and stripped him of his humanity. How is he going to make up for that? He’s our hero! He had to be heroic. He had to make up for it and he did, and by doing so, he secured Damon’s fate: Now Damon’s going to be the hero forever because he has to do that for his brother. And this show has always been about the two of them and their love and their sense of family. And now Damon’s going to be worthy of Elena.”

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