How TVD Helped Change The CW

“A show like Vampire, which is on the air eight years and for a period of time I would say kept the lights on … Vampire was very intrinsic to what The CW became,” Pedowitz tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Binging TVD gave the executive a sincere appreciation for the show that has been evident in the way he’s spoken about it over the years. After his binge, “I was in awe with Julie [Plec] and Kevin [Williamson] and the whole cast and crew did in the first two years of Vampire,” he said. “They took what could have been a teenage angst show and made it so much more: It was a love triangle. It was a love of two brothers. It was all of these characters that represented [so many different] things. Also, I believe at the end of year two was the introduction of Elijah’s character that comes to year three for Klaus.”

He paused. “I’m doing this from memory, by the way.”

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