Fun Times At TV & Film Museum In Covington

Recently the “Hollywood of the South – Television and Film” museum opened up in Covington, Georgia. The museum is located on the town square right where “The Vampire Diaries’ filmed for 8 years. In fact, the scene from season one where Damon, Vicki and Stefan were on top of a building is right above the museum.

The museum offers fans a chance to sit on furniture from the sets – take selfies with real props and even look and touch the cast wardrobe. The most popular area of the museum includes props from Caroline and Stefan’s wedding including the chairs and runner leading up to a life size mural banner of the wedding. The fans can try on actual wedding dresses that were used as props from when Caroline went wedding dress shopping with Bonnie. Just a sidenote – Caroline’s dress is not at the musuem – Warner Brothers archived it at their studios in Los Angeles.

Last Saturday Anniston came to spend the day with me at the museum and at the end of the day she wanted to try on a dress to marry Stefan like everyone did. I just have to share her pictures because they are too adorable!







I also have her picture that she took with Paul when she was just 8 months old.

I would like to give a shout out and thanks to her Mom, Angie for sharing the older Paul pictures and for letting me post the pictures of Anniston. If you have ever taken “The Mystic Falls” tour or shopped in the store ~ chances are you met Angie.



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