Fan Friday ~ Why Bianca Loves Paul


I’m Bianca (12 years old) from Romania. Paul can make me happy with just one pic or one video. It’s not always easy to be a P-Dubber, but with an idol like him, you can survive. A lot of people ask me “Why do I like Paul Wesley? What are the reasons that you are a fan of his?”. My answers are you have to look at his smile, at his cheeks, at his hair, how he wears something and above all, you have to look how is he doing some things, projects, how he takes his time with his fans, his friends or his sense of family.

Stefan Salvatore has always been my favorite character since season 1. The more I watched TVD the more I started to be a huge fan of Paul because of his personality. My second reason to watch TVD was Paul. He truly is the love of my life. He teaches me how to truly be a good person, understand the whole world and how to think with all my mind. He brings to my life happiness, beautiful things, he makes me a little girl again. He teaches me how to live a beautiful and normal life.

Instagram: wasilewskisgirl

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