Fan Friday ~ Vicky Likes How Paul Inspires Fans

I was introduced to the TVD fandom not so long ago by my sister and friends and during that time, I was never one to be immersed with TV shows but once I saw the pilot episode and how well Paul Wesley was able to portray Stefan Salvatore, it truly made me realize what an amazing person and actor he is as well as what an incredible show The Vampire Diaries was and still is. His love for mankind is the most inspiring thing ever and genuinely makes me believe there is a possibility of peace in the future. Since the day I began following him, not once I have been disappointed by the content he give . He always encourage his followers, myself included, to aspire to be the best and to help those around you exceed in life rather than the opposite. The love he share for his family, friends and fans is so heartwarming it literally makes me want to cry! I didn’t get the chance to meet him but hopefully that day will come soon. Until then, I will continue to support him and wishing him all the best for his projects and hope his family and himself are healthy as one can be.  Vicky San (@Vicky5an) from London, England.

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