Fan Friday ~ Read What Nicole Likes About Paul

“Calling yourself out on Your Own Shit Is One of the Most Important thing”

Hi my name is Nicole, I’m from Romania and I’m a HUGE Paul Wesley Fan.

I joined Twitter at the end of 2015 and I followed Paul straight away!

I loved him since TVD came into my life.

I love him for the person he is. I love him for standing up for what’s right and what’s wrong. I love him for not being afraid to show his support to causes that matters to him even though he gets hate for it!

I was so happy for the reviews he got for “Cal In Camo”. He deserved them, he is a Fantastic actor!

For me Paul Wesley is the best TVD actor and I will never stop saying it even though I receive hate when I say it! Paul played so many different characters Stefan, Ripper Stefan, Silas, Tom and Human Stefan!

Also I like to say that he is the first TVD actor to get behind the camera, having Paul directing and his fans (Crazy PDubbers) trending Worldwide “Proud of Director Paul Wesley” and Paul noticing us on Twitter is what I love most about him.

He acknowledge us when he said “PDubbers Are Strong, Small, Loyal Contingent”. I was one of his lucky fans to be noticed by Paul and each time he has liked my tweet – I love him even more!

I’m looking forward to meeting Paul in July at the UK con. I was suppose to be at the TVD Chicago con but due to personal problems I had to cancel the event. Did I cry? Yes I did! Now I’m hoping and praying that I will see him in July for the first time. I’m scared and shy but everyone I talked tells me how nice and friendly Paul is and how much they enjoy his company. I’m 100%  sure that Paul will run from me considering I book so many pictures with him!

I’m Going To End This Short Letter By Wishing Paul Wesley – Actor, Director, Producer and Legend All the Best In The Future!

Thank you Paul Wesley for Being My Inspiration!

Lots of Love Nicole!! @PDubsNicole!


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