Fan Friday ~ Read What Anna Likes About Paul

The first thing I’d say about Paul? Probably thank you for always making me laugh! Because it’s true, no matter how sad i am. He can make me laugh. I couldn’t ask for a better person to stan because he’s literally the kindest and funniest person I’ve ever seen! I remember back to July 23rd, 2006, I was just a little girl with the age of 10 when I’ve watched my first movie with him, it was ‘Fallen: the beginning’ and it changed my life in so many ways because he is a great role model!! Since then I’ve seen every movie and every show with him in it because it makes me happy to see him.

I’ve learnt so much from him about politics, about having different opinions. I’m so glad that he is still himself after so many years , he never really changed his whole personality, something that happens to other people in the hollywood world. Ofc he did change, he is older now.. but all of us are lmao. I grew up while watching his unique journey, started off as a fangirl and became a fan-woman lol. I only started TVD for him and loved it only because of him. Stefan Salvatore made me cry so often it’s unbelievable but i really loved to cry because that means that Paul’s acting was on point hahaha. I also met so many wonderful people because of him which i can call my friends now, that’s fantastic. I hope he really knows that we all appreciate him and that we will support him forever. I cannot wait for his new upcoming projects!

GFY y’all, @PDubberish (was @PDubsAnna)

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