Fan Friday ~ Read Kimberley’s Funny Encounter About Her Purse, A Gift and Paul

I never thought starting paulwesleynow  (Canada) would lead me to meeting a wonderful guy Paul Wesley.

I watched the Vampire Diaries faithfully thought Stefan was a awesome character than meeting him, made him so real and his being is genuine and kind. I told Paul I have something for you , it’s in my purse..

Next thing I knew he was holding my purse wide open while I was digging in a mess saying where is it? I found it and handed it to him. Paul looked at me said * what is it?* I replied it’s a compass so you don’t get lost in words, you know vampires in the woods …then we laughed and laughed.

I believe any project or journey Paul Wesley faces , he will be successful.

Thank you Paul Wesley for the wonderful moments meeting you …



Kimberley is one of the nicest pdubbers online. I love her pinned tweet (see below). Thank you Kimberley for sharing your encounters and thoughts of Paul!

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