Fan Friday ~ Paul Has Fans Of All Ages

This week’s Fan Friday is pretty special to me personally. Most of my personal friends that are TVD fans are Ian girls but they have come to appreciate what I adore about Paul. There is one lady who is close to my heart and who is the sweetest lady I have ever met ~ Ms. Willie. Ms. Willis is also a Paul fan (YES!). I always love hearing her say how handsome she thinks he is, etc.

I am going to tell the short story of Ms. Willie and Paul. I have a good friend Christie who lives close to the High School in Monroe, Georgia. The Vampire Diaries filmed there for 4 seasons going from the front of the building to the football field (click here to see actual pictures).  

Ms. Willie told me he just came out and he hugged her and they just started talking. Since it happened in 2010 she doesn’t remember the exact conversation but thought he was so nice and friendly. *note every time she talks about Paul she gets the biggest smile*.

“The first time I met Paul was actually at the Hot Topic Cast Tour in 2010 in Atlanta, Ga. I only got to talk to him for a couple of minutes but he seemed very nice. My second encounter was on set while he was filming episode 121 just down the road from my house. I took my Mom with me to hopefully catch them filming. When the cast wrapped, they came out. I was actually talking to Candice when my Mom calls my name. I look over to see her & Paul and Paul had his arm around her shoulder. She was so excited and said “he just came right over to me!”. He paid her a lot of attention and even took a picture with us. That has to be my favorite Paul memory.” ~ Christie


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