Fan Friday ~ Nancy Shares How She Became A Fan

Hello everyone!
My name is Nancy, I’m italian, and I’m here to tell how I became a PDubber.
Seven years ago, I started watching The Vampire Diaries because I like the genre, so I got to know Paul Wesley, and he was the reason why I continued to watch the show. Stefan was a wonderful character because of Paul and he made the show so special to me.

Actually, I saw Paul before in Smallville, The O.C. and Everwood, but I did not recognize him in TVD immediately. (LOL)  Later, I watched other movies and TV series he was in. I liked Fallen, Wolf Lake, Killer Movie and Beneath the Blue. I adore all characters he played, but Stefan and The Vampire Diaries gave me the opportunity to get to know him and appreciate his talent. It was a pleasure getting to know him and watching him grow as an actor and then as a director.

I  found out about the show through a magazine, and the charming and brooding guy in the picture, named Stefan Salvatore, caught my eye. When I learned that it was a show about vampires, I was like “I need to watch this show!” Waiting to watch the show, I started reading the books and I can say that I fell in love with Stefan twice, first through the pages of books and then I loved the character  portrayed by Paul.

Some people will say that it’s just about the character of a show, but I was so impressed by him, and it happened thanks to Paul, because he brings such intensity to a role.. and I’m deeply touched by his performance  every single time, forgetting  that Stefan isn’t real sometimes.

So at one point,  I felt the need to share this love for the character and I started writing about Stefan on a blog, discovering a passion for writing. I did it for several years and it was very pleasant  to compare myself with other people who saw in Stefan what I was seeing.

I had never focused my attention on an actor or a famous person before, and this curiosity about Paul came up and increased without I realized, parallel to my interest in the show and in the character he played. It wasn’t enough for me to watch the episode every week, I was very interested about the show, so I read a lot about it, especially Paul’s interviews, because I wanted to know more about Stefan, and so I started to know the man behind the character I loved. I discovered an amazing, humble, big-hearted guy who’s passionate about everything that he does – with a beautiful family that supports him. But the thing that surprised me was his sense of humour, which I saw mostly through the videos made by fans during conventions or during video interviews to promote the show. Watching these videos put me in a good mood, making a bad day better. He was so funny, witty… it was nice to listen him. And when I finally got the chance to meet him, it was an amazing experience.

I met Paul in 2014 at a convention in Paris. That was the only reason that led me to attend a convention, a dream that I thought of not being able to achieve.  I remember I was very nervous to meet him because I’m shy and I was scared of not being able to say anything, and I had many things to say, but everything was fine. He has an attitude that makes you feel comfortable, all my worries are gone in a flash and in the end I was just happy to be there.

He is a private person but at the same time he is kind, genuine and spontaneous. The first opportunity to meet him has occurred during a photo op, not exactly great for to break the ice. While I was waiting in line, I was looking at him and it was inevitable to be panicked. I was very intimidated by the statuesque and imposing figure, which was a few feet from me. That’s what it feels like to see him in person, his beauty leaves you stunned and you wonder if he’s real. When my turn came, I don’t know where I got the courage  to walk towards him, though … when I was there, I was not displeased by the interruption of a staff member, because I have had the opportunity to enjoy the moment and thank goodness, in the meantime, my nervousness was gone. Although, initially, his serious attitude had put me a little bit of awe, I liked the way he is. He apologized for the wait and, as I continued to stare at him without saying a word, he hinted at a smile and he came up for the shoot. I know it sounds strange what I am going to say, but …  the outer beauty that stuns you at first glance, immediately goes into the background and you appreciated other things about him. He is caring, gentle and affable.

The best memory I keep was during the autograph, where I finally had the opportunity to talk with him. There was an atmosphere less formal in that context and Paul was different also, more relaxed and smiling. This time I went towards him without any fear, and it was incredibly easy to talk with him. In addition to the curiosity to know him, I wanted to let him know he touched my heart with his acting, playing the character that I love, but I was not sure that the words would be enough in order to prove it, so I translated a thing I had written about Stefan and I gave it to him, hoping to get his attention.

He really liked the gift judging by his “Thank you!” full of enthusiasm. When I told him that I was Italian to explain the fact that I had translated specially for him, he taken his eyes from the pages and he was surprised. Obviously he assumed that we were all french.  At that point, I saw him talking to himself and you can imagine my astonishment when I heard him thank me in Italian. I appreciated his gesture mostly because, I realized, he could not remember the word in Italian and he tried to remember that. It was a very sweet thing. I think this  tells us a lot about him as a person, I perceived the consideration and gratitude that he has towards people who admire him as an artist, and he has made that a special moment to me. Another unforgettable moment was meet & greet, I remember how he lit up the room with his smile when he arrived, his way of joking as he answered the questions, and the sound of his laugh. He gave a hug to each of us when meet & greet  was over, and I remember that he was still looking at us, saying “Thank you” and smiling, as he left the room.

I will never forget those days at the Convention, I have great memories that I will always keep with me. I’m very lucky to be passionate about the show because it has enriched me as a person and it was a pleasant distraction in my life at a time when I needed it.  I also feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet Paul because he is a very nice person at the human level in addition to being a brilliant actor and director. I hope I have the opportunity to meet him again so that I can tell him how much I appreciated him in other things he did, and not just in TVD, especially his role in Before I Disappear .. and tell him how I was excited about the play, Cal in Camo, although I could not see it.

Okay .. I think I’ve written too much. I’m really grateful to Cindy (@PaulWesleyChronicles) for this opportunity. I was very happy to tell my experience and share what I feel like others before me. It’s great to be part of this.

NANCY‏ @Missclairdelune

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